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German Shepherd Vs Alsation Dog Are They Different Dog Breeds

German Shepherd

Can You Spot Any Significant Difference In Above Two Dog Breeds?

It would be pretty difficult actually, because they are one breed only

Why then there is so much of confusion on this topic ?

We have tried to explain it, to clear your doubts once and for all.

A common question asked by dog lovers is whether the Alsation and German Shepherd is the same dog breed, or are they different breeds. If you take a vote, there may be contradictory opinions, which is surprising because, in reality, they are just two different names of the same dog breed. 

This debate on the difference has been going on for many decades now, with many with the opinion that they are different in color, structure, size, temperament, and place of origin. Claiming that the German Shepherd (GSD) originated in Germany whereas the Alsatian dog originated in the german speaking Alsace region on the border of France and Germany.

With so many opinions, there is bound to be confusion among dog lovers. So to put things in clear perspective let’s start first with the origin of the breed. 


As per Wikipedia, The breed was developed by Max von Stephanitz in 1899 using various traditional German herding dogs.

It was originally developed as a sheep herding breed hence the name “shepherd” but these days its serves as an efficient working dog, guide dog and police dog.

German Shepherd Sitting

The breed was named Deutscher Schäferhund, by von Stephanitz, literally translating to “German Shepherd Dog”

During the first world war, it was used extensively by both the German army and the allied forces as a working/guard dog, but since the word German was included in the name, the British decided to rename it, and the UK Kennel Club rechristened it as the Alsatian Wolf Dog after the Alsace region of France bordering Germany. Ever since then, even after the end of the two World Wars, the name Alsation was used by the British. 

The Americans on the other hand had no reservations about the name and kept on using the German Shepherd name. 

Dog breeders around the world, however, wanted to restore the original name and it was after there years of relentless effort the name Alsation was finally replaced by the original name German Shepherd in the year 1977 by the UK Kennel club.

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5 Family Friendly Pet Dog Breeds


You may be wondering: What are some of the best dog breeds for families? You might also be thinking about how often a dog should be exercised, or whether or not you should get your pet cat spayed or neutered. This article will help you decide if a specific breed is right for you and your family.

Labrador Retrieverlabrador retreiver dog

The Labrador Retriever is a friendly and intelligent dog that loves to be around people. They are very social and love to play with other dogs, but can also be quite shy with strangers. Labs make great family dogs because they are loyal and devoted to their people, which makes them great as your service or therapy dog!

Labs do well in apartment living as long as they get plenty of exercise on a daily basis (about 30 minutes). They also need moderate amounts of exercise; this includes playing fetch or going on long walks every day!


Beagle DogBeagles are very friendly, loyal, and intelligent dogs. They can easily adapt to new situations and are well-suited to living in apartment complexes or single-family homes alike. Beagles also make good watchdogs due to their alert ears, which will automatically go up if they hear something suspicious going on outside of your home.

Beagles are playful by nature and enjoy playing with their owners as much as possible (and you should take advantage of this fact!). The breed has been known for its ability to jump high into the air—which makes them perfect candidates for agility competitions!

Beagle puppies grow up quickly – reaching adult size within just six months at most – so if you want a pet that’s easy to care for but still wants some independence from time to time, then beagles might be right up your alley!


pug dogPugs are one of the most popular breeds in the world, and they’re a great choice for families. Pugs can be very affectionate, especially if they get along well with their owners. They love to be cuddled and will do anything to please you!

Pugs are also very loyal to their owners, which makes them perfect companions for children who don’t want any trouble (or those who might get into trouble). The pug’s small size makes it easy for kids to play around with your pet without fear that it’ll hurt them. Plus, pugs tend not to be aggressive by nature—which means there’s no need for constant supervision when playing together!

Pugs also make good watchdogs; however, this doesn’t mean that every other dog should be avoided completely just because yours has some barky tendencies… In fact, many experts recommend training your pup before letting him/her loose on neighborhood pets!

Golden Retriever

golden retreiver dogThe Golden Retriever is a great family dog because they are intelligent, gentle, and loyal. They can be trained to do almost anything you want them to do. They are very social animals and love the company of their humans or other pets such as cats and rabbits.

Golden Retrievers have been known to keep calm when they see something they think is bad or scary (like other dogs barking), so this makes it easier for them to get along with other pets in your home including cats.


boxer dogBoxers are a very affectionate, loyal, and friendly breed. They are energetic, playful, and intelligent. Boxers are also protective of their family members as they will put themselves in harm’s way to protect them from danger.

Boxers make good watchdogs because they bark loudly when they hear something suspicious or unfamiliar around the house; however, this can become annoying if you have other pets in your home who want to play with them!


If you want a dog that’s friendly, playful, and affectionate but also very smart, take a look at these five family-friendly pet dogs. They all have unique features that make them perfect for families with children or other animal companions.